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Complete ACL & PCL Tear on left knee - Should go for Surgery or not?

About two weeks back on Sept 27, 2015, I was in an accident,and my left knee got twisted but there was no external visible injuries on my whole body(not a single scratch).
And next day I got an MRI and X-ray done, X-ray report showed no damage, but the MRI report stated the following:
1) Complete ACL tear.
2) Complete PCL tear
3) Horizontal tear of posterior horn and body of medical meniscus
4) Tear in medial and lateral collateral ligaments.
and after that, consulting a orthopedic doctor I got a knee brace and on complete bed rest from that time, without keeping my leg down or putting any strain on it.
But I am still not able to keep my leg down or stand(tried today morning with help of a stick).
So, I am very concerned what should be the next step and whether I will be able to achieve complete recovery and in how much time?

Attaching the MRI report with this.
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hi apoorv its sad to here about ur accident...
for torn acl and pcl ligaments re construction surgery will be done....
Rebuilding the ligament--Most ACL tears cannot be sutured (stitched) back together. To surgically repair the ACL and restore knee stability, the ligament must be reconstructed. Your doctor will replace your torn ligament with a tissue graft. This graft acts as a scaffolding for a new ligament to grow on.

Grafts can be obtained from several sources. Often they are taken from the patellar tendon, which runs between the kneecap and the shinbone. Hamstring tendons at the back of the thigh are a common source of grafts. Sometimes a quadriceps tendon, which runs from the kneecap into the thigh, is used. Finally, cadaver graft (allograft) can be used.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all graft sources. You should discuss graft choices with your own orthopaedic surgeon to help determine which is best for you.

Because the regrowth takes time, it may be six months or more before an athlete can return to sports after surgery.

Whether your treatment involves surgery or not, rehabilitation plays a vital role in getting you back to your daily activities. A physical therapy program will help you regain knee strength and motion....i think my ans may hepls u...get well soon...
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Thanks a lot... kaleemphysio

But I will be able to fully recover??
And after surgery, in how much time I will be able to walk??
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