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Do I need my arm cast replaced?

Hi, 2 weeks ago i had a half cast put on my arm for a fractured distal radius. My concern is that the cast has now seperated at the elbow (it's like i have a cast from my elbow up and a seperate cast from my elbow down to my hand) so much so that I can now fully extend & straighten my arm.
The cast is still secure at the wrist, but do I need to have it replaced so that my elbow locks again?
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Hopefully you've checked in with your doctor by now but yes, I'd say you need a new cast as this one is no longer doing what it is supposed to do.  How did it split like that?  It's only been two weeks!  So, follow up---  maybe they will say you don't need replacement but I think they will bring you in and re do it.  Let me know!
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