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Elbow pain

Hi my name is James and im 27 years old


Training, competing and performing demonstrations throughout the UK in a sport combining Martial arts and gymnastics at high level.

Time/ Length of injury

Roughly 5 years.


Was hyper extended in an armbar in training.

Treatment attempted

Light stretches:
Including medial and lateral (especially lateral) consisting of Isometric strengthening such as – Iso finger/wrist flexion
Iso wrist extensions
Iso ulnar/radial deviation
Iso supination
Iso pronation
Joint pain relief exercise programs to:
Stop muscle attachment inflammation
Stop nerve pathway irritation
Restore joint muscle balance
Conditioning – light weight (can/dumbbell bar) wrist extensions/lifts/twists
Wrist grippers
Anti inflammatory medication/gels
Massage techniques
Physio Therapy through NHS
Used several supports/braces
Remedial Massage Therapist treatment
Steroid injection  
Chiropractors to treat Radial tunnel syndrome (thats what they thought it was)

Nothing seems to work and no one is certain of the diagnosis

When it hurts/aggrivates

Main: Handstands/cartwheels/roundoffs etc
Push ups
Punching to pad/bag or even just to air not even at full speed

Everyday life: Twisting something (turning on car engine)
Pushing door open
Shaking something (ketchup bottle)
Pushing a button
Squeezing bike brakes
Pushing off floor/bed to stand up
Writing (when pushing on hard)
Getting dressed
Any weight bearing

Just wondered if any one has any ideas at all i would love to get back into training or at least been pain free, the pain is not excruciating more of an annoyance and get worse the more i use it which doesnt have to be alot and will ache alot days after, i feel like i have to crack it alot which i try and avoid as this just leads to more aching/pain.

I have uploaded a pic of where the pain is, it is only on that spot i dont get any shooting pains down my arm or any tingling sensation in my fingers or anything like that.

Like i said any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot
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