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Feeling Hopeless....

Out of the blue my lower back and waste locks up while at work.  And for the past two years I have suffered with lower back pain and I lock up when sitting, standing, or walking.  Also have blurred vision, headaches, severe muscle spasms all over, burning, numbness in feet, fatigue, tremors, nausea, urinating difficulty, dizziness, and memory problems.  

Had an MRI done showed mild bulging disk on L3-L5 and S1 with faucets.  I have begged for test to be done and nobody will HELP.  I'm either told they don't know or it's chronic and it's just going to get worse. I can't even get them to draw blood or do a urinalysis test.  Go figure.

Prior to all this, I was very active and in good condition.  A few weeks before my back locked up, I was having severe pain in my calves with muscle spasm.  Like growing pains when your a child.  Felt like my bones were going to shatter.  

Is there anything I can do and what else could cause all the above besides mild bulging disk and arthritis?
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Sounds like you could have a couple of things going on or could be one thing with all the symptoms connected. Do you have any neck problems? That could be causing headaches, nausea, ect. . . Arthritis of the faucet joints can cause some pretty tense back pain. I have arthritis/hypertrophy of my faucet joints in L3-S1 and have had a bilateral discectomy/laminectomy at L4-L5. I had a specialist do an ablation of the nerve at the affected faucet joints and it did wonders. I was only 24 at the time of my surgery. Had doctors listened to my complaints more seriously earlier, I am convinced surgery wouldn't have been necessary so soon. Now at 30, I've just had shoulder surgery. I spent 5 years with joint pain, fatigue,  ect. . . with many doctors telling me I'm too young for any "real" problems before I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. My neck and back problems were the product of a car accident at 15. The rest, to include pericarditis (inflammation of the heart sac), was the result of atypical presentation of thyroid problems that they labeled "idiopathic systematic inflammatory disease" and said "sorry, take ibuprofen and live with it." Moral of this story is that you know your body better than anyone.  Don't settle for an "ibuprofen doctor." You don't have to live with pain, and if you're not depressed dont settle for that as a reason for fatigue. Inflammation can were you down, as can the stress of not feeling well. The truth is not all doctors are the same; some are much better than others. If your health care provider is not answering your questions adequately or taking the same level of concern as you in your health care, then move on until you find one that does. It took me 5 years, but I didn't give up and I live a much better life because of it. I hope this helps and good luck.
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Thanks for the encouragement.  I have felt so alone in this and I have done been to 3 different doctors and will continue until I find one that is willing to help and even look outside the box. I'm usually not the textbook case and when they say it is impossible to be this or that they find out just how wrong there are.

Yes, I have shoulder and neck problems from a car wreck when I was 27, but it has always been manageable but has been getting worse over the past 5 years.

I have had several thoughts on what may be causing all this: 1st my SI joint. 2nd MS and 3rd Neurological.  I had some serious head trauma when I was a kid and about 10 years ago, my BP bottomed out and when I fell I hit my head pretty hard along with my tailbone.

It's just frustrating and I normally don't get depressed but with being confined to my home primary my bed for 2 years now it has started taking a toll on me mentally not to mention I suffered from PTSD from childhood violence/trauma and have kept it under control and haven't had any relapse in about 15 years or so but since March I have had to try and deal with it on top of the physical problems.  

I'm thankful though I have a wonderful husband and kids who have been great through all of this.  However, I believe that is why I've been getting down because I'm not able to help or do any activities with them.  

Again thanks for sharing your story, you given me a few more things to add to the list for me to ask the Doctor's about.
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