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Fell down on a ACL torn knee

I am a 40 yo male. I had a ACL injury about 10 years back. Decided not to do anything about it and give it some time.

A few months back I decided to see a orthopedic doctor to find out how my knee was holding up. Got the MRI done. Bad news was it was a complete ACL tear but the good news was that the meniscus is intact. He recommended the reconstruction surgery but didn't think it had to be done immediately.

Last week when showeling the snow, I slipped on a sheet of ice and my knee "gave away". It has happened to me a few times in the last ten years but this time it felt more painful and stiff.

It's been a week and although it appears to be improving, I feel like I don't have the full range of motion and can't bear weight on the knee.

Did I mess up my meniscus? Should I think long and hard about getting the surgery done? Should I give some more time to see if there's any improvement?
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