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Finger dislocation. Do I need to seek further medical attention?

I dislocated my left ring finger at the middle joint just over a week ago. It was bent sideways over the middle of my pinky for about 3 hours. I went to the ER and they pulled it back into place, did x-rays (no fracture), and splinted up the finger and told me it should be getting back to normal in about 3 days. The swelling has not gone down at all, the bruising seems to be getting worse and spreading to my lower knuckles and neighboring fingers, I can barley move the finger and can not bend the top knuckle at all, I have a pins and needles feeling in the top of the finger. I have been icing for 20 min every couple of hours and taking Tylenol to help with swelling. I am pretty worried about losing mobility in this finger due to the fact that I am a guitar/bass player and it plays a pretty necessary role in that. Do I need to try and make another appoinment with a doctor? Could this be tendon or ligament damage? Or am I just freaking out because I haven’t played music in over a week? I refuse to believe the medical info I’ve read that says a dislocated finger may never regain full mobility. I need it! Thanks for your advice.
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Ouch!  Yes, I'd see your regular doctor.  ER's are good for that acute situation (they made sure there was no fracture, straightened it and splinted it) but I'd follow up with your regular doctor for further instructions.  There are types of massage that can be done to help.  And even further procedures. Given your desire to play guitar and fear of mobility, I'd definitely make sure you are doing everything you can.  Got an orthopedist you can see? If not, go to your gp first.I think I'd want to know if there is massage, exercises you can do, etc. that will help.  You did the right thing to get it looked at right away and it does take a bit of time to recover but with your desire of using finger to play guitar, I'd follow up with after ER care.  https://www.emedicinehealth.com/finger_dislocation/article_em.htm  
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