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Five years post-op right shoulder

So basically I had a rotator cuff tear and biceps tendon tear repaired 5 years ago and my shoulder really started bugging me lately so I had a Cat Scan done on it.  I see my doctor next week but I just wanted to get an idea of what my results may be and I obtained a copy of the report but having trouble understanding some of it.  Hope you can help!  These were the Impressions:

1)Status post tendon-to-bone rotator cuff repair.  Suture anchor intact.  Oblique, linear high-grade partial to full-thickness communicating defect supraspinatus tendon, compatible with postsurgical nonwatertight cuff seal.  Rotator cuff otherwise intact.

2)Postsurgical and/or degenerative truncation with blunting and fraying superior labrum.

3)Absent intra-articular long head biceps tendon, compatible with prior tenodesis.  Residual extra-articular tendon fibers located along the bicipital groove.  The SGHL and rotator interval structures, MGHL, and anterior and posterior bands of the IGHL are intact.

4)No acute fractuce, distinct osseous sequelae of prior dislocation injury, or glenohumeral joint or superior humeral head articular surface focal chondral injury or high-grade chondromalacia.

5)Status post subacromial decompression and associated partial distal clavicle resection.  Residual acromion with a type I configuration, and residual AC interval maintained.

6)No distinct loose bodies in the synovial space.
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