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Foot Pain

I have a pain between my lower leg and foot. Difficult in walking because pain when twisted the foot inwards to the legs. The pain comes from the back side of my foot. What do you think is my problem? The pain is almost 2 months already. Thanks for the help.
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Foot pain or any other foot-related issues can seriously limit mobility and hamper recuperation from other medical concerns. The services of a trained mobile podiatrist can diagnose and treat any podiatric issue on-site. Lumina HealthCare offers an expert-guided mobile podiatrist service with the latest treatments for relief from any foot pain issues.

Working with a professional mobile podiatrist service like Lumina HealthCare gives patients access to on-site care services for everything from in-grown nails and nail infections to diabetes-associated foot problems, corns, calluses, ulcers and fallen arches among other foot-related issues. Patients are also provided with guidance on custom orthotics that can help ensure long-term comfort. Another advantage is that Lumina’s experts work with a resident’s insurance company directly, allowing long-term care center staff to focus on providing expert care.

For more information on how a mobile podiatrist can help, call Lumina HealthCare at 1-800-373-5400 or contact us for advice today!
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