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Golfers elbow hurts a little more after cortizone after 5 days. Is this normal?

So I have a time frame to heal this injury and concerned I won't make it. I'm bieng hired by police dept in my city and it's 9 months on physical training.

I recently developed golfers elbow in preparation for this and the job starts in August. My issue is, I was advised to get a cortisone shot to help pain and then do PT. It's been about 6 days since I've gotten he shot and 1. I don't feel to much relief.  2. I actually feel more pain in other areas, like my joint itself and the site around the injection is tender to the touch.  

Keeping in mind the time frame whats the recommendation? Should I keep rehabbing? PrP is an option but do I have enough time? I would also liek to know...

Is it normal for cortizont to take this long, and is it normal ...if this was a flair of the cortisone for it to last and still hurt me 5 days later. Please anyone can shed some light on my questions. I'm going crazy thinking what my best option is, and if this shot was done incorrectly or w.e because it's still painful.

Thank you in advanced
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Cortisone has a lot of unwanted effects.  When it works and nothing bad happens, it cuts inflammation quickly and get someone back in action fast.  It cures nothing.  It can, though usually with repeated injections, cause thinning of tissue.  Yes, it can increase the pain, especially if the shot wasn't given in the right place.  Yes, it is often given incorrectly.  Without diagnostic testing there's no way to know what the actual problem is and therefore where the shot should go, and in some parts of the body without an active ultrasound to guide the doc it's easy to miss the spot with the shot.  Have no idea if any of this is your problem, but yes, it could be.
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Steroid injections can often feel worse before it gets better. Give it around 4 to 5 weeks and if it does not improve, go back to the doctor.
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