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Hard lumps forming on bones all over body

I've got several hard lumps that are painful when pressed.  They are about the diameter of a quarter.  The first appeared on the inside of my foot. The one on the edge of my left kneecap.  Another on the right kneecap on top. Another on the right kneecap on the edge.  And, most recent, a couple on my breast bone, just under the throat.

I've got a history of gout and arthritis, 40year old male.  These bumps keep multiplying and do not go away.  They do not hurt any more or less during a gout or arthritis flair up.  I haven't had a gout attack for almost a year.

If anyone even has an idea of what kind of doctor to even go to, that would be great!  

I've been to rheumatologist and ortho docs with no help!

Colchicine, allopurinol, and prednisone make no difference.

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Get your blood uric acid levels determined and start gout treatment. The most reliable test for gout is finding uric acid crystals in a sample of the joint fluid which you can by going for an aspiration.

You can go to an orthopedician or rheumatologist who treats gout patients.

Ask your physician to refer you to the best in your town.

The treatment of an acute attack of gouty arthritis involves measures and medications that reduce inflammation like steroids and NSAIDs.

Prevention of acute gout involves maintaining adequate fluid intake, weight reduction, dietary changes, reduction in alcohol consumption, and medications to lower the uric acid level in your blood.

Take care!

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