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Has anyone experienced (or have information about) a joint capsule tear?

I injured my wrist, just above the scaphoid bone on the backside of my hand, after a terrible golf swing which resulted in my club hitting the ground excessively hard. (Embarrassing). A scaphoid fracture was initially suspected. An x-ray showed no fractures but I was referred for an MRI about four weeks later due to continued pain and difficulty with lifting objects and weight-bearing activities. Results of the MRI indicated a “Focal full-thickness tear in the dorsal intercarpal joint capsule measuring approximately 0.5 x 0.3 cm with associated soft tissue edema and joint fluid extravasating into the adjacent dorsal soft tissue.
2. No acute fractures.”

The orthopedic PA who ordered the MRI didn’t seem to be particularly knowledgeable about joint capsule tears and referred me to an OT/hand therapist, who also seems somewhat unfamiliar but is treating me with ultrasound therapy, massage, and prescribed exercises along with use of a splint. Google has also not provided much help.

Has anyone else experienced a joint capsule tear without an associated ligament tear? I cannot seem to find information about how serious it is, how it compares to a typical ligament tear, if there is a possibility I might need surgery to repair it in the future, etc. It has been 6 1/2 weeks since my original injury. Any information/insight you could provide would be helpful. Thank you!
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I have no idea, different people do have different timetables for recovery, but I am confused about one thing -- did you ever ask to see an actual orthopedic surgeon?  Physician's Assistants are not highly trained individuals, and while they can get a lot of experience if they stay at it for many years, they will never be doctors.  I would insist on seeing a actual surgeon for an opinion because if you see one who specializes in wrist injuries he will have seen lots of wrists from the inside doing surgery.  That would be my suggestion for what to do next.  An Occupational Therapist cannot properly treat what has not been properly diagnosed, they are not diagnosticians.  Good luck.
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Thanks for your response. No, I have not yet spoken with an orthopedic surgeon, but good suggestion! I have a hard time self-advocating for my health though, so I may continue to seek more info before I go that route (and hope OT helps enough in the meantime).
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