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Help! 17yr old daughters foot purple and swollen

My daughters foot turns purple any time it’s not elevated. She can’t walk on it because of weakness, burning and pins and needles. It’s ice cold and swollen. We’ve been to ER 3x now. She had MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound and bloodwork and still no diagnosis. She does not know how it started. One day her whole leg started hurting then it was her calf and not her foot. Any advice would be wonderful as I am feeling a bit defeated. She has a neurologist appt scheduled for 11/30, the earliest they can get her in.
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Keep in mind that the ER is not your doctor.  They will only try to deal with the urgent situation.  If the problem persists you have to see a doctor.  It's possible in this case the proper doc to see is an orthopedic surgeon, as neurologist mainly deal in issues with the brain and the nervous system and this might be a nerve problem but even if it is, why is a problem?  The question would be, did this happen after something happened to that area, such as twisting an ankle or something that might have injured the Achilles tendon.  Those are issues for an orthopedic surgeon.  
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