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Help with chest mri report

I was hoping someone can tell me possibilities of mri report - quick background. Severe pain for last 3.5years in clavicle/shoulder/arm and chest wall. Been floating between specialists being dismissed really, seen ortho, rheumatology, physio, pAin clinic. No real help. I was sent for another scan - the report says:
Marrow oedema present within medial 1/3 of R clavicle and also in corresponding manubrium. Trace of joint effusion, but no articular erosion/corticle destruction is evident. The joint therefore appears essentially normal. Ct confirms no bone destruction and shows subtle expansion of the distal r clavicle with diffuse sclerosis.
Within the medial l clavicle there is a similar but much smaller focus.
Incidental minimal disc bulging in lower thoracic spine.
The doctor says there's thinking possibly chronic recurrant multifocal oesteomyletis but it's very rare. He also said "we don't think it's a tumour" but we may biopsy. After years of pain and at least 30 trips to doctors I'm worried. I'm just looking for any input. Thanks
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