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How soon after acetabular fracture repaired by ORIF will I be walking?

I am a 27 year old healthy, active female with no previous history. I'm 5'9" and 135 lbs. I was in a motor vehicle accident on july 30, 2016. I suffered a posterior wall acetabular fracture with no displacement and no other serious injuries. On august 1st, i underwent an ORIF via the kocher-langenbeck method. My incision line is approximately 15-18 inches long. My surgeon said there was very minimal cartilage damage and no vascular damage. On August 2nd, I received 1 dose of radiation to prevent heterotopic ossification. Also on august 2nd, i began physical therapy with heel slides, ankle flexes, and abduction. I was discharged on august 3rd. At my 2 week follow up, staples were removed and the surgeon said everything looked good and told me that post-op edema would linger for a good while. He cleared me to begin more intense physical therapy for strengthening and ROM. At my 8 week follow up, i had additional films taken and was more thoroughly assessed. No evidence of heterotopic ossification was noted on the films, ROM is practically back to normal, post-op edema is still well intact. My muscles have significantly atrophied. I was ordered another 4 weeks of touch down weight bearing. I have another appointment on october 12th, which will mark 10 weeks post-op. What are the chances my surgeon will discharge my crutches?
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