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I fell hard on both of my knees on concrete.

A week and a half ago, I was trying to bring my sons small dirt bike into the garage.  I accidentally gave it gas and I was so caught off guard by the quick response of the dirt bike I panicked and couldn’t let go of the throttle.  Well I came to a point I have to let go otherwise I was going to crash, so I bailed off the bike.  When doing so I came down hard on both of my knees on concrete.
The pain was instant and intense.  I tried to tuffen up and walk it off.
I’ve been waiting for nasty brusies to come and I haven’t seen anything near what I’ve been expecting.  When I go to sit down/bend my knees there is pretty severe pain.  Once I’m sitting it goes away.  Then when I go to stand there is that serve pain and then the pain intensifies as weight/pressure is applied for about a good 2-5 minutes were I wince and get weak in the knees because of the pain.  Then it all passes and I don’t feel anything, it just goes away, unless I go into a sitting position again.

However, on a pain scale to touch or bump my knee caps is between 8-10, i puts me through the roof for a good 30secs to a minute until I can regain my composure.

Does this type of pain sound familiar to anything specific?  Could it maybe just a bad bump and bruise and needs time to heal?  How long should I wait before I go see a doctor?
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