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Intramedullary Femural Neck Lesion as Source of Hip Pain

I have pain in my right hip, in the front.  The pain is exacerbated by squatting and bending motions.  In particular, if I bend over and touch my toes, then as I stand up, when I am nearly back into an upright position I experience pain in in the hip area.

I was sent to see a surgeon who specializes in Femural Acetabular Impingement.  I was not impressed by this doctor, he had diagnosed my situation as FAI before he even spoke to me.  When I asked questions he was irritated and annoyed that I had studied the situation and dared to suggest any other etiology.

I have had an MRI which was mostly unremarkable except for a lesion/tumor in the right femur neck.  I have a few bone tumors like this (two in the knee areas and one in a hand area) which popped up during my adolescent growth spurt (I believe this is common).  The initial pain symptoms in my right hip probably started around adolescence as well, but recently an exercise program has made the hip situation worse.

The fact that this bone lesion is the largest, most remarkable difference between my right and left, and that it is located precisely in the spot that I experience pain makes me want to explore this lesion as the source of the pain.

Are there muscle, tendon and ligament connections that are close enough to this lesion that they may be tugging on a sensitive area of the bone during standing-up movements?  In particular, do the iliacus and psoas pull on this area when I am standing up?

Is it possible that the bone lesion could be a source of pain?  Or should the bone lesion be completely ignored as unremarkable (as the orthopedic surgeon did)?

The complete MRI data is here https://www.dropbox.com/s/2pvbmays9yvh7vw/Hip%20MRI%202015%2009%2029%20Swedish.zip?dl=0
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