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Is my finger supposed to be this crooked after surgery??

About 3 weeks ago I got cut with a knife on my index finger and it sliced right through the tendons and bone. I went to the emergency room immediately after it happened, and I was scheduled to have surgery 3-4 days later. During the procedure they put screws in my bone to help the fracture heal. A week later I had a follow up appointment with the doctor. She took X-rays and told me that everything looks fine and that I should eventually be able to straighten out my finger as long as I keep doing my exercises. Just yesterday I had my second appointment to have the stitches removed and I expressed my concerns once again about my finger still being crooked. The doctor took a brief look at it and told me that there is nothing that can be done about it and that my finger will always remain like this. She said due to the severity of my injury the alignment is hard to get perfect. Me personally, I am very dissatisfied with the results. I was under the impression that my finger would be fully functional again, as promised by my doctor. But instead it looks odd and feels very unnatural as if I just had it heal on its own. I’ve never seen someone break their leg and come back from the hospital with their leg sticking out at a 45 degree angle. Aren’t they supposed to have the tools and technology to level out and straighten the bone?? This doesn’t even look close. I may be completely wrong but I would also like a second opinion on this https://ibb.co/xYW1M9b https://ibb.co/rtxGJ9S
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The link doesn't open for me, but you might see a second doctor, and perhaps a physical therapist. Sometimes the muscles tighten up after an injury and can be brought back to normal with therapy.
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It’s two different links sorry about that. Try this one https://ibb.co/xYW1M9b
Definitely get a second X-ray, and also especially see a physical therapist. Three weeks is not that long of a time. To me it looks like the muscles have tightened up, and it's the job of physical therapy (done correctly) to loosen them again.
I am already seeing a physical therapist and she suggested that I speak to my doctor about it. My doctor told me that my finger will remain crooked like this. If that is indeed the case I would like to know if this is the result of a surgical error and if so what can be done to fix the bone and have it realigned properly. Appreciate the help btw
Thus my first suggestion above, to see a second doctor. It doesn't sound like your doctor even told you whether the problem is the bone itself or if the tendons or muscles are pulling the finger inward. (For example, when someone has broken a bone in the elbow area of their arm, they are taken out of the cast within a week, because otherwise the arm can stiffen into a bent position, not from the bone healing in a bad position but from the muscles tightening up in the cast.)

Since this is still healing, don't wait -- maybe the situation could be addressed by another surgery, or a different kind of splinting, or different exercises. Maybe you'll find out that this really was the best possible that could have been done given what the cut did to your bone and tendons, but if so, in your shoes I would sure want to hear more than one doctor say so. (Though you probably won't get very far asking another doctor to say it is a result of the first doctor's error. You came in as an emergency case with your finger sliced. Doctors will give other doctors the benefit of the doubt when the situation is that unpredictable.) Anyway, since your goal is to improve your finger's ability to straighten up rather than to take someone to court, a second opinion is what you need to find out if more can be done.

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