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Knee Injury, Healed; later problems?

So a bit of background...

I used to play ice hockey as a goalie in college, and ultimately quit due to chronic injuries that plagued mostly my knees.  I mainly had issue with an ACL/PCL in my left knee which has been resolved with subsequent surgeries.  I had an MCL tear in my right knee which required no surgery, and healed over time.   I was able to return to the game after each injury, and after college continued to play recreationally without any problems.  Over the last year I have become busy with work and have not been as active.

Last week I ran a 5K.  I didn't overexert myself by any degree, but ran, jogged and walked during the span of the 5 kilometers.  I have developed a "popping" or "cracking" sensation in my right knee since then.  It is not painful by any means, just uncomfortable.  It doesn't do it every single step, but is fairly consistent when I walk.  What could be going on in my knee?

It's important to add, though my level of physical activity isn't what it used to be, I am active as a scuba instructor, and dive atleast once a week (though different type of exercise).
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Could be a tendon snapping over surrounding structure, tissue, it could be a torn meniscus.
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