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Knee not recovered from injury

I injured my knee at football in December. I’ve rested my knee and it’s not healed I still get pain and aches with resting it in a bent position in the centre of the knee, I also get pain when doing explosive movement and small things like running up the stairs. I’ve been to see a physio and he seems to think I have bursitis, he has given me exercises and I’ve been stretching my muscles and rolling out but it doesn’t seem to be improving. Any tips or anyone suffered from this that could share how they recovered. Thank you
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Not sure how a physical therapist can diagnose you.  You need to see an orthopedic surgeon and get diagnostic imaging done, both X-rays and an MRI.  Physical therapists are usually helpless to help without a diagnosis, and they are not trained in how to do them.  They do get a feel for things over time, but a feel isn't a fact.  Did you get a diagnosis from an orthopedist at the time of the injury?  If you've got a badly torn meniscus, for example, you'll need surgery.  Bursitis is much harder to diagnose, as bursa sacs don't show up on diagnostic imaging.  They are usually diagnosed by your orthopedist pressing on where they usually are in the average person.  But again, you need a diagnosis from someone qualified to do that.
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Did you see an orthapedic doctor or just the physical therapist?  Are you on a team for a school or something where trainers and physio's are contracted through your school?  They may be able to refer you to the ortho they work with.  Here's information on bursitis.  You do have symptoms of it. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bursitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20353242  Since this is ongoing, your symptoms are in the 'when to see a doctor' section.  :>)  It's time to go to the orthopod  They need to do some imaging.  Physical therapy is almost always recommended but you might need other things like medication or a corticosteriod injection.  Are you planning to try to play football this fall?  
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