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Left Knee Issues

Good Afternoon

I am a 56 year old male in very good physical shape.  I work out everyday for a minumum of 1 hour, usually 2.  I do the P90X and P90x plus daily.  My weight is 190 pounds and my body fat is about 10.5%.  

Question:  About 3 weeks ago I started having some pain when staightening my left leg after my left knee had been bent.  It got a little better then the knee started popping or catching with lateral movement.  No pain with the popping, but it really feels odd.  The pain in the knee from staightening it out has returned.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  What did you do for it?  I love to train but I don't want to do any perminate damage.  Suggestions?  Thank you in advance.

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You need to check if you have any ligament damage in your knees. Minor Grade I damages are easy to control and it can be symptom free with rest, applying ice packs and consuming intermittent pain killers.

If it does not help you need to take an appointment near an orthopedician for proper examination.

Take care!
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Thank you for your response.  I will back off a little on the training and rest the knee a little.  

Thank you again!

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