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Lump on Left Ankle

To begin with, I am 33 old single man I am less active and I am obese my weight is 112 KG and my Height is 178 cms. I am having this Lump on my left ankle foot since 2 months. I was thinking it is due to excess weight so I started going for brisk walk. Last few days I noticed the swelling and consistent mild pain on the lump. Size of lump increases like a big pimple. I checked with Ortho specialist and he took first level of  xray and told I might have serious issue as there is a bone infection is found in x-ray. Doctor suggested me for CT Scan. I got the CT scan report now.

Study protocol:

Contiguous axial sections of the ankle joints and the tarsal bones were studied.


v  The study shows an irregular lytic lesion in the inferomedial aspect of the left tibia. Cortical destruction is seen. Irregular periosteal thickening is seen with hair on end appearance.

v  Small calcific foci are seen within the lesion.

v  It is located in the distal metaphysic / epiphysis.

v  Adjacent soft tissue thickening and fluid are seen.

The distal end fibula show normal configuration and density.

The ankle joints are normal.  No effusion is seen.

The talo-calcaneal and talo-navicular articulations are normal.


v  Irregular lytic lesion in the inferomedial aspect of the left tibia with cortical destruction,  periosteal thickening and calcification – Possibilities include chondrosarcoma and osteomyeliits – Needs HPE for further evaluation.

It is confusing/scaring me whether i have some serious / life threatening problem like bone cancer ?

I also have varicose veins in my balls it is due to excess masturbation habit i have since 15 yrs. Is this got anything to do with this?

I am completely scared. Please help
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