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Pain in left leg

I had an accident at work almost two years ago. I have had countless GP appointments as well as appointments with physio and orthopaedics. I have an MRI scan done through them and also privately. My MRI results showed up no abnormalities despite the consultant physically feeling the dent I have in my leg and declaring that it is still swollen (this was over a year after the event). I asked them when given the result what the dent was and the swelling to which they replied they think it’s tissue damage. The dent has also been queried as shiny splints and old fracture by other professionals previously. As the consultant told me they think it’s tissue damage I thought I had answers to then be sent a letter a few days later informing me that there is no tissue damage.

I have been experiencing ongoing pain since the incident that worsens the more weight is bared on the affected leg. I have been told the pain is in my head despite the obvious dent and swelling.

I have studied the MRI images I received privately and can see a clear and significant different but obviously I am not medically trained.

Can anyone give me any advice as to where I go from here? The pain is having a massive impact on my life and poor mental health is now becoming a major issue due to going around in a continuous circle over the past almost two years.
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