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Post-Operative Behavior in 55yo Female

Thank you for reading this and your help.

My wife broke tibia and fibula in left leg at the ankle in late November 2011. She had surgery to repair it. one week after the break. Outpatient in Austin Tx, lasting about 2-3 hrs.

Prior to the surgery we were a loving couple, married 14 yrs, raised my two kids and her two kids. After the surgery there was a total emotional disconnect from me. Upon her return home, I bent over backwards to assist her with her rehab, I offered encouragement, modifying the house to make basic tasks easier, I did all cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping... etc.

She remains, to this day, totally disconnect from me emotionally. I can actually it is uncomfortable for her to stand close to me. She offers no emotional support and no affection.

She has also been more dishonest in her comments to me and others. She has never been dishonest. She has moved out of the "house and marriage" 4 times since the surgery. never before has that happened and never before has that even been discussed.

Talking to her about how she feels is like talking to a perfectly normal person.

Has anyone ever experienced this before?
Is there something with the anesthesia that can cause this?
Is there something anyone can do to help her?

I am lost and heartbroken.

Thank you
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I am sorry. Did she break her ankle in a fall? If so she might have received a concussion. Also can you find a good health psychologist/counselor who would be able to understand the impact the injury has had?
Has anyone tested her thyroid and blood sugar?
I hope this helps,
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Thank you for your reply.

No head injury was incurred.

Otherwise, with respect to blood work, she is in good health.

Its personality changes, dishonesty, behavioral changes, and feelings of insecurity that presented after the surgery.

Thank you.
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