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Post op Chondroplasty lateral release on left knee

ok lets start out saying I have been to many many Doctors and this last one did surgery on my Left knee he did a lateral release and a chondroplasty,I was tripped at work  by a man I work with I'm a 19 year old female and have had on going symptoms of knees aching and cracking and getting bruised bones in my knee ,well as of last year I was tripped and during that my left knee felt and looked like it appeared  to be dislocated and I herd a loud pop sound and I felt the worst pain I think in my life I made my way to the office sat down pulled up my pant leg and the knee cap was on the left said of my leg which I'm taking is my lateral side and after a few minutes of trying to move around in went back to where is was supposed to be I could stand but I would have really bad pain I'm talking between a 8 and 10 on the pain scale so I left work got home changed and went to the hospital,,,,,,to make a long story short I was passed from doctor to doctor and finally had the surgery everything went ok I was well beyond progressing in pt and was ahead of my self with in the first two day's I had mild pain and I was able to stand I did however sleep two days straight after surgery only waking up to eat and go to the restroom  the pain med's were actually to strong and had to be put on something else ok,,,,,lets move on I was doing real well and I had been at the gym because I took up my third day of pt I would do two with the therapist and one by myself I would do everything we did and two day's later I was in pt and I went home did my usual thing's and went to bed I woke up couldn't walk the pain was back at a ten I called the therapist she told me to ice it and keep it up and use the crutches till I could see her and when I did I couldn't walk without the crutches she looked at my leg and noticed swelling and I couldn't do toe raises without aid and couldn't lift anything not even the weight of my shoe and she told me to get an mri so I got the paper for it and I waited a week for the mri,in this time I noticed bruises that ran from the back of my knee on my right side on my left knee coming from the back of the knee and I had what feels like pulling and I can hear every now and then scraping and I also have bruises on the lat side that run along the front shin on my leg these bruises have gone away or seem faint but if I walk on it or stand for a long time I get that pulling and then while resting I get the bruises the doctor said that the mri show's nothing wrong but I do have a bakers cyst and that it probably pop ed and I asked him why I wouldn't be able to walk he said it's was probably burning down the back of my leg but that isn't what I felt and he said I would be fine and told me I was able to go back to work I can only work menial labor jobs that require me to be on my feet for long periods ,is he Right?I made a appt for a second opinion, and if this doesn't sound right is there anything I should be asking and should I have been able to return to work with no restrictions

Please get back to me i have 2 weeks till my appt and i need help thanks
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