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Pros and cons of ankle ligament repair for a serious injury?

One year ago I fell down a dangerous stairwell at work. I suffered a complete non-displaced fracture of the anterior process of the calcaneous. 2 avulsion fractures. A complete disruption of the anterior talofibular ligament and a partial tear of the calcaneofibular ligament. I was incorrectly treated from the day of injury and none of this was found until almost 3 months later. I was referred to a dr who just sent me to physical therapy after applying a boot for 8 weeks to heal my fracture. I have been in PT ever since. I finally recently got a lawyer as I am still not functionally stable on that ankle and was getting nowhere. They had my care switched to an actual orthopedic dr. He says I am still showing instability in the ankle and since I am seeing increased strength to the muscles in the area, without resolution of the instability, I can continue PT for another 4-8 weeks to see if things continue to resolve and at that time if not we can try a steroid injection to the ankle or repair surgery. If I feel I can not live with the limitations of the injury in the condition they are in at the end of the next 4-8 weeks. I am not sure what to do. I was a very active person before this. Exercising, walking, running, 10+ mile trial bike rides etc. right now the way I am I don’t feel my ankle is there for me. I don’t have spatial awareness on the lateral side when even walking on uneven surfaces. I also have a constant clamp like feeling around and down the side of my ankle that hasn’t changed over the course of strengthening. Obviously, this ankle will not be 100% ever, but the dr said it would improve the instability I’m feeling. Is it worth it? Help  
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