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Protecting an Injured Finger

A few years ago I suffered a crush injury to my left index finger.
The first knuckle to the tip of the finger was badly damaged.
After a couple of surgeries, doctors suggested all sorts of things
that might restore my finger to something close to normal.

A few months after the accident I realized there was nothing
I could buy that would protect my finger.  There are "finger
sleeves" and "finger gloves" but these are for people who
need minimal protection for undamaged fingers.

I was a scuba instructor for many years, so it was natural for
me to buy pairs of thick neoprene gloves and cut-off the index
finger portion and use it as a protective cover.  Without this
protection, a little jolt at the tip of my finger is very painful.

I've searched numerous medical supply sites for a finger cover
that would do the job.  Frankly, I don't enjoy buying neoprene
diving gloves and cutting them up.  The gloves are glued and
stitched together.  When I cut-off the index fingers on these
gloves I have to seal the cut edge with a flexible adhesive and
stitch over the adhesive after it cures.

I can't overemphasize how important these homemade finger
protectors have been for me.  With the protector I can grip tightly
with the my left hand or reach for a heavy object without constant
pain in my injured index finger.

I keep thinking there must be a commercially made product that
would work as well as the index finger cut-off a scuba glove.  If
there is I can't find it.  The strange thing is, doctors who have seen
my homemade protector think I purchased the darn thing!

The gloves I buy are approximately 1/8 inch thick.  I don't know how
many pairs I've cut up over the last few years.  I'm going a little
bonkers, if you know what I mean!  Please, if know of any site that
might have a decent protector, point my browser in the right direction.
(It might not be a site that sells medical supplies and devices.  There
are probably sports I'm not familiar that use all sorts of neoprene
hand and finger covers.)  
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