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Rectus femoris muscle strain with distortion

Hello Doctor!
I was injured 6 months ago when hiking at my right rectus femuris muscle. I had a MRI and the result was Strain with distortion of the right rectus femuris muscle, exactly as described at the above comments.I notice something like a gap or hole at my right thigh since from 6 months already. The doctor recommended only an exercise consisting of contracting or flexing my right foot all the time but there are not seen results yet.The question is how to heal from this injure? May you please give me an answer? thank you.
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Increasing activities that activate the rectus femoris would be quite helpful for you.  Look up these following exercises on a search engine or YouTube:

Quad Sets
Straight Leg Raises (may have to add 'leg exercise' to the end of this if you get results for the straight leg raise test)
Short Arc Quad
Long Arc Quad
High Knee Drive (this will work on hip flexion and you will want to do slow and controlled movements, not quick as many videos will show)

Those are some good starting exercises.  Depending on your strength you may want to do some of the following:

Mini squats (or squats to 90, depending on you strength - I would probably start you on the mini squats)
Mini forward lunges (or regular depth lunges, depending on your strength)

These are just a couple ideas for you.  You can look up more exercises online.  The point it is to activate that muscle to make it stronger.  I suggest you pick 3-5 exercises and start at a set/rep count of 3 sets and 10 reps of each exercise.  As you feel able, add more exercises.  

I hope this gives you some more ideas on what to do.  If you have a question about what I said, please let me know.

I wish you well.
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The Rectus Femoris Muscle is one of the 4 Quadriceps muscles of your leg. I hate to disagree with your exercise regime, but the RFM's function is to flex the thigh at the hip joint and to extend the leg at the knee joint. So this should tell you how to be exercising it. Bicycling it great for this to, according to a PT friend of mine. Best of luck with this nagging injury, let me know if I can give you anymore info! jd1963
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Also, I should point out that I am not a doctor.

I am an athletic trainer.  As an athletic trainer, one of my main focuses is the prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries.
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Hello and Welcome to the Orthopedic Community! I am the Leader for this community. Thank you for the informative input. I think it would be very beneficial to other posters also! Have a great day!  JD1963
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Thank you both for your comments.I appreciate them a lot.
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