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Right shoulder joint pain in children

My daughter is 6 years old, and typically a very healthy and active child. She developed severe pain in her right shoulder joint over the weekend. She has no fever, and there is no swelling or discoloration around her shoulder. She is keeping her arm bent and close to her body, and she refuses to move it. We have put her arm in a sling to try and get her to rest the shoulder, and are giving her motrin and ice packs to manage the pain. The doctor gave her xrays and a blood test, and they said they didn't see anything wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice as to what may be ailing my child?
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     I can understand your situation. Pain in the shoulder joint could be due to fractures, separation, dislocation, tendonitis, bursitis, ligament tear etc.
I feel it could most probably be dislocation. Has there been any history of trauma or fall on an out stretched hand? As your child is keeping the hand near to the body , internally rotated it could be posterior dislocation of the shoulder joint.
In x-rays this is often missed and needs a supero-inferior view radiograph.
Discuss with your doctor regarding this.
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I've been having the same pain in my right shoulder as your daughter since I was 6years old. I am 30 years old now and I still have this pain. No doctor yet has been able to correctly diagnose me. They told me at first it had to do with my rotator cuff and ordered physical therapy. It's very frustrating when a doctor can't even tell you why your shoulder is causing such excruciating pain!  When the pain hits, It usually helps me to lift my arm up over my head.  I have noticed over the years that it seems to be worse in the winter and my shoulder aches sometimes. It's kind of hard to take medication for a pain that's as sporadic as this pain....it's like it comes from no where.
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