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Rotator Cuff/Labral Tendon Repair-Complications

Ten weeks ago my husband had arthroscopic surgery to repair the rotator cuff, labral tendon and remove bone spurs.  He has been faithful in going to therapy and doing his home exercises, but after 10 weeks he has a huge amount of swelling in his neck and chest and has a lot of pain.  The surgeon says it is because the fluid injected in his neck for the nerve block prior to surgery has not dissipated yet.  Does this sound logical or should we get another opinion?  Has anyone else had this problem?
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I also have had the same on my right shoulder, twice since Dec 21 2007, everyday is a struggle with pain and the lack of sleep, there is no postion in bed that allow  me enough comfort to sleep.  Tomorrow, 27 Mar 08, I see a new Doctor for another opinion.  It's been a headache getting the records and films I need for the new doctor, but I have them and I know that tomorrow will be a better day.  I live in North Carolina, maybe not the best place for medicial help, however, if I where you I get that second opinion.  My shoulder and arm hurts to bad for me to be concerned about the feeling of the doctor who operated on me.
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My nerve block dissipated within 18 hours after the first operation and within 6 hours after the second.
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yah get a second opinion especially if it is an infection
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