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Severe pain in the shoulder 4 months after surgery.

I had bicep tendonisis surgery 4 months ago and I was doing great up until a month ago. I started having severe pain in my shoulder and my doctor said it’s scar tissue. I previously had back surgery and rejected hardware and I feel that that is what is happening with my shoulder. I’m miserable and I don’t know what else to do. With my back I had gotten better than drastically got worse again due to the hardware. I need some help from someone besides my doctor because I don’t know what else to do, I do therapy 3 times a week and it’s not getting any better... please help!!!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question but we are really sorry you are having such great pain.  The doctor says that this is scar tissue but what is their remedy for this?  Living in pain should not be your only option.  I would seek out a second opinion at this point if your original surgeon is not giving you further guidance for overcoming the pain.  However, total healing time can take up to 12 month after tendon surgery.  Unfortunately, surgery itself can be a form of trauma that doe have the complication of scar tissue.  Is the pain felt a sharp pain or a sense of tightness?  Phyical therapy can help decreae the build up of scar tissue a lot of the time and can be helpful to car tissue itelf once there as massaging, stretching and breaking up the adhesions if possible can benefit a patient.  Your physical therapist is aware?  However, you are suspecting that this is a hardware issue.  Can you see another surgeon for evaluation?
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It is a sharp pain that sometimes radiates into my bicep muscle. I have been going to therapy since October and the therapist does know. The doctors remedy for this was more PT and then possibly a steroid injection but the typical healing time is 2-5 months and I’m going to be approaching 5 months soon. The thing that concerns me is that is was getting better until all of sudden it wasn’t and this is the same instance that occurred with my spine hardware.. I just feel like they aren’t listening to me and I have to contact my lawyer for a second opinion as this is a work injury. They have been working on scar tissue therapy for over a month with no improvement..
Is your surgeon willing to do an x ray to inspect the hardware to see if it has shifted?  
They didn’t say they would.. my dad had a similar issue with hardware in his shoulder and it actually ate through his shoulder and he needs a shoulder replacement now...
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