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Slight post-football discomfort in right knee (ACL surgery 6yrs ago)

Around 6yrs ago I had full reconstructive surgery on my right ACL. Completed the full rehab, fine. Played football very regularly for years after, high intensity a few times a week as well as attending the gym. A year ago I tore my left ACL and had full reconstructive surgery on that. Did full rehab on that, fine. Now I'm playing football again and back at the gym and sometimes - not all the time, I'm feeling some slight discomfort on my right ACL scar which gets painful if I press on it.

It's not painful but it's a noticeable discomfort. There’s no markings, swelling or lumps/bumps. It's not prohibiting me from walking, bending, extending or moving my knee in any way – it’s just a noticeable discomfort and weird sensation in the 24-36hrs after playing football.

What is it? It doesn’t feel serious, just similar to a hamstring or ankle strain which most players get – only with it being in such a precise position (op scar) and with my knee troubles in the past I’m concerned. I've only just started playing again after my last operation on the other knee and have worked hard to get my fitness and skills back up to a decent level - more surgery know would devastate me.

Does anyone have a diagnosis for this? Any ideas, info, insight, advice and suggestions would be extremely appreciated and welcomed.
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...so no-one knows then? Great website.
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Hi there!

Well, without an evaluation it would be difficult to say. Likely possibilities include hypertrophied scar, allergy/ graft rejection, inflammation associated with a small amount of effusion, cysts, infections/ inflammations, stress fractures, chondromalacia patellae, injuries to other structures in the knee joint, etc. You may try some warm compresses and NSIADS for about 2 weeks and see if these seem to help. If the discomfort persists, I would suggest getting this evaluated by an orthopedician to look for secondary causes and appropriate management.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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