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Spondylolisthesis fully cure after surgery?

I have Spondylolisthesis L5,S1 and start a little to L4.And is to 5 grade.My doctor suggest me for surgery.Is Spondylolisthesis fully cure after surgery?
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I've had the operation for spinal Decompression and Fussion in 1995 and it failed in 2001 this is the "normal" for the operation as it has an 85% failure rate after 5 years.

Originally I damaged L5 and had this fussed and then the Titanium was removed in 1996 and from then to 2001 further damage occured, which i did not know about and have now damaged L1 to L5 and there is no cure.


I use Buranorphine patches to help with the continuous pain - as well as several tablets a day.

If you would like to talk about this please let me know.
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I can't decide if to go for surgery or not.
I have slippage in my spine between L5/S1, "stage 3-4 !!!" have pain in my hips going through my legs. This isn't the only reason why I am thinking about the surgery. Other reson why is that I am afraid if I will not have this surgery done now, slippage will progress and I will do more damage to my nerves or bladder. Another reason is pregnancy, as doctor doesn't recommend the pregnancy before this surgery is done.
Please help, I would be thankful for any advise
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