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Stiff Ankle

I have a very stiff right ankle, I had a bone spur removed from it in September, the bone spur had been there for up to 3 years, however the range of movement has only improved a little. I now get a 'pain' on the inside of the ankle near the joint itself, and it feels like this is what is stopping my ankle from flexing further. Also my ankle 'clicks' and 'clonks' a lot when I repeated flex and unflex it. Does anybody know the problem I have and how to fix it? A GP said to me it could be thickening and shortening of the FDL ligament, but I'm not 100% on it
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OK -- your GP examined you. No one here can do that, so no one here can offer any kind of medical opinion.

Have you had any physical therapy treatment following the surgery? This may be a simple matter of inflammation after trauma. I suggest that you try to massage the foot an ankle, and try using anti-inflammatory medication, like ibuprofen. Take as directed and with food to protect your stomach lining. Ask the chemist how to use ibuprofen. Do not take more than recommended on the bottle.

Also, hot/cold therapy can help reduce inflammation. Ice your ankle for 15-20 minutes (until numb) followed by soaking your foot in a warm - hot water for 20 minutes (100 degree F.) Do this 4 times a day.

Elevation of the foot (above the heart) and exercise also helps reduce inflammation. You should be walking on it. A physical therapist will help with appropriate exercise.

Best wishes.

Best wishes.
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Let me also add the following....

All the above suggestions are simple at home remedies you can try without visiting your doctor. If these do means not improve your foot/ankle within a month or two, or if the pain and stiffness gets much worse, then schedule another visit with your doc -- there may be something else going on in there.
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