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Transient Osteoporosis of the Hip (TOH)

I just have been diagnosed by Transient Osteoporosis, after MRI scan. Should I take a second opinion? with different doctor, hospital.

From over 10 years, I always have had a feeling of little discomfort at left hip, but this feeling only come a few times (maybe 2-3 times) during a year. No treatment was required, not even pain killer was required (NOT SURE IF THIS RELATED TO) to this diagnose.

However, last month I had abrupt onset of pain in the side of the hip, groin, and buttocks sharp pain.
Pain gradually increasing that becomes disabling over a few weeks.
ESR elevated after 3 weeks from onset pain.
Pain successfully gone within 2 days of partial restricting weight bearing activities.

Here's MRI findings:

- Coronal STIR MR image shows increased signal (bone edema) within the left femoral
head, neck and proximal metaphysis. There is also a small hip joint effusion and milder
synovial thickening. Post contrast sequences shows avidly heterogenous enhancement in
T1FAT WIs, relatively homogenous in T1 WIs without cortical dehisence.
- No evidence of left femoral head subchondral demarcation line or definite
osteochondral lesion.
- Good apposition of the articular surfaces.
- Otherwise, within normal bone marrow MRI signal with few fatty foci.
- Patchy bone marrow fat suppression.
- Normal cortical low signal outline with preserved contour of femoral heads.
- Unremarkable both sacro-iliac joints.
- Articular cartilages are preserved with no erosions or suchondral cystic changes.
- No definite periarticular masses.

MRI study of the left hip joint S/O Transient osteoporosis as detailed with small
reactive joint effusion and synovitis.
For clinical/ lab correlation and follow up in 3-6 months.  
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