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Unable to walk 3-5 days

It's very hard for me to describe, as I don't understand it. But here's the issue: I have at times, more than five in four years, have the inability to walk for 3-5 days. My legs will sort of tighten up suddenly (and lately a day before) and feel as those they are trying to involuntarily 'twist' inward. I am unable to crawl, stand straight, or take a single step. Sometimes I am able to side step  (not letting myself look down and see the reason for my pain) maybe 20-25 feet to a familiar, safe area to sit. Sometimes I am not even able to crawl. The tightening is very painful, I won't even be able to refer to a scale. The inability to perform a mindless physical function, is immediately stressing and so taxing, that when I am able to sit immobile, safely, then I will start to 'pass out' or nod off. The condition is mostly the reason I will become wheelchair bound, lasting for a few (3-5) days. Occasionally I am able to perform a stationary task without discomfort, but if I attempt to move around, I lock up and twist again. Quite a few times it has caused me to fall. The spasms and involuntary "jerks" and twitches have become more violent and frequent. At night when I lay on a bed and relax, I at times will twitch and it feels like it's from my lower middle back and jerks my legs and arms quite strong.

Could this simply be a pinched nerve?

Background: I am 33f and 4.5 years ago I was a pedestrian struck by an automobile. My back was fractured, hips fractured, both legs broken, along with a TBI and coma, not medical infused. I was completely immobile for 8 weeks, allowing my injuries to somewhat heal. I learned to walk on my legs again after 9 weeks, one knee (left) for two years with a torn ACL, MCL, PCL, & Meniscus, and one knee (right) with a torn meniscus,  and today wear a long pre-op/post-op leg brace, doing my physical therapy exercises weekly. I do work on my feet  part-time, and try to stay mobile constantly, as it does greatly affect my mental health. Also being low-income, having no disability financial aid, federal assistance, or law suit from accident life  keeps me needing full-time employment. My employer has learned of my issues, and I'm blessed that he does not fire me when this arises, as it makes me unreliable.
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