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What is wrong with my ankle?

Approximately 9 months ago i was walking around my house and got a sharp pain at the bottom/outside of my foot. It only hurt for a few minutes and went about my day. The next day, i heard & felt my ankle pop kinda of like when you crack your knuckles but no pain. The following morning i couldn't put any weight on my foot. I found myself stuck in bed for 2 days. My ankle was extremely swollen. I have been self-treating my ankle with rest, ice compression and elevation. Since the initial injury I have found myself walking on the outside of my foot because that was the only comfortable position. If i try and put my foot flat on the ground a bear full weight i get a pinching feeling around my ankle bone.

I was seeing a chiropractor for my back a few months ago and he asked me what happened. He tried to do an adjustment on my foot/ankle but was unsuccessful due to the swelling i guess.. He stated that it was not resetting/stabilizing. Not exactly sure what he meant by that though.

I am still having pain foot & all around my ankle I still have some swelling and from time to time my injured ankle feels warmer than my non-injured ankle. Recently i have also noticed that it feels like the outside bone (5th metatarsal area) and the bottom of my foot are bruised but no discoloration and sometimes it feels like something is popping inside my ankle and foot. Lastly i have had a spot on the outside of my foot (see pic #2) ever since i injured it, i was wondering if this could be related to the injury at all?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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It's important for you to have your ankle evaluated.  I agree that an orthopedic doctor is the right specialty.  Perhaps you have had a stress fracture.  https://orthoinfo.aaos.org/en/diseases--conditions/stress-fractures-of-the-foot-and-ankle  Please see a doctor and let us know how you are doing.
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Thank you. I will be making an appointment asap.
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You needed to see a doctor a long time ago.  Without a diagnostic image you probably can't be diagnosed.  Are you avoiding the doctor because of covid?  Are they not working in your area for such things?  Most places are now opening back up for non-essential medical and dental procedures, so rather than you trying to guess what happened you need to actually find out.  If you continue walking on the outside of your foot you will injure everything including the hip.  A chiropractor has no training in this.  You need to see an orthopedic surgeon.  Best of luck.
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Thank you so much for your advice. I have not been to the doctor for several reasons. 1) I don't have any medical insurance, 2) financial resources, 3) time....i have been working &  trying to take care of my husband because he has congestive heart failure. I will take your advice and make an appointment asap.
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