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What operation options are there for a torn (lesion) ACL.

Hello, any help would be massively appreciated as I feel I have a big decision to make.

I have a lesion in my ACL ligament. I am living in a foreign country so sometimes communication isn't the best. The orthopedic surgeon has said that he thinks he can save my ACL ligament via an operation without the use of a graft. He said by doing this type of operation it will be much better in terms of healing ect. I have to do this operation within 8 weeks of the injury occurring or he said it isn't possible and I would have to have a different operation. I have been trying to research this style of operation but I can only find the option where it talks about using a graft from other body parts.

So my question is. Can you repair your ACL ligament without using a graft from other leg muscles/ bones and if so what is the procedure called?

Thank you for any information that can be given. I really appreciate it.
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Hi.  Yes, there are different choices for what to use in grafting such as  patellar tendon, hamstring tendon, and donor tissue (allograft).  Using tendons from other places like knees, hamstrings or thighs is commonly done. Here is a whole article on the ACL surgical repair that is very general but explains it. https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/knee-pain/acl-surgery-what-to-expect  

Or is your doctor talking about BEAR (bridge enhanced acl repair surgery)? This is newer and one in which the acl doesn't need to be replaced but heals itself?  It uses a sponge injected with your blood.  There are supposed to be some promising advantages to this surgery such as faster recovery time and less chance of a retear. But it is newer and less is known about outcomes.  

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