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Which knee replacement implant is the best?

My mom is going to have bilateral knee replacement surgery in India. From the conversation with my parents, what I figured, the doctor is going to use oxinium Knee replacement implant (which is from Smith and nephew). From another source, I was suggested to use Johnson and Johnson knee implant. Which one is best and what should I know before going for knee replacement implant? What could be the implant cost per knee implant (for one leg)? Any pros and cons?
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Hi.  I hope your mom's surgery goes well. When is it planned for?  The problem with asking which is best is how do you define that? I think the 'best' outcome can often come when a surgeon is using what they are most comfortable and have the most experience with.  Have you asked the surgeon which he uses and why he made that choice to go with that particular product? When you look them up, they've both had many successes as well as recalls and lawsuits. I really think a good conversation with the doctor will yield the best information for you.  Let us know when the surgery is and how it goes!
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