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Why isn't my sharp wrist pain healing?

I am a 33 year old male that's been having very sharp pain in my wrist with random movements after an hour of rigorious twisting a Tilling yard tool into very dry, tough ground to loosen it up. My wrist did not hurt while doing the tilling.  In fact, it just gradually started having the random sharp pains and slightly swelling after about 3 hours or so and I was totally confused at first why it was starting to hurt.  It took 4-5 days to where the random pains were becoming less and I started doing a little more basic daily activities.  After about 10 days it was feeling decent enough to try doing about 5 extremely mild assisted push ups on the wall, and 5 very mild rows on TRX straps (standing up), and then the random sharp pains become worse and more frequent over the next couple days.  I decided I should probably try putting it in a brace and wresting it completely (no activity) for the forseable future until it feels better.  Surprisingly it seemed to get more painful (even started aching) in the brace (which was very lightly strapped so there was no compression).  It's been 4 days in the brace with no activity and actually has more pain (easily triggers sharp pain) than the day after the initial injury.  So it's been a total of 21 days now since the rigorious tilling and it's as bad as it's ever been.
Input would be greatly appreciated. This has been a very discouraging injury and I can't see a doctor for weeks now because of the coronavirus.
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It's unlikely a regular doctor would be of a whole lot of help, an orthopedic surgeon would be more useful.  The only way to diagnose this is probably to get some tests done, but let's say you did hurt this doing that tilling.  The thing to do was to do the RICE program, which is rest, ice, and elevate.  It's not always the best thing to put compression on something that is injured, that's usually for chronic ailments that can't be fixed so you have to live with them, but with a new injury, rest, ice, elevate.  But too much rest for too long can also be a problem.  I believe you can see a doctor by video conference if for some reason your local docs aren't seeing anyone in person.  
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Thanks for the response. With our insurance, we are forced to see the regular physician in order to get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon, so there's a chance I'd be exposed to Corona.
Like I said, the brace is on super loose, it's more just to remind myself to rest it and to make it easier to rest.
Thanks for the video conference idea.
Anyone else have any idea?
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Where does it hurt? Back of wrist (dorsal) or front (volar) and specifically where (in line with thumb, middle or pinky, etc). Worst with extension or flexion? It is likely tendonitis (flexor carpi radialis tendonitis) and agree with RICE but add NSAIDs if able to take them to decrease inflammation.
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