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Wrist Pain

I have been having wrist pain for about 10 months now, and I've been to the doctor several times. The first time he told me it would go away by itself, the second time he told me it was probably tendinitis. And the last time, he took and X-ray, while my wrist was swollen, and told me it was tendinitis. He told me I probably aggrivated it. I dance, but it isn't with my arms/wrist. It isn't a lot of repetitive motion and it isn't like my fingers make any movement. I text occasionally, but haven't been able to due to the pain. I am confused; tendinitis usually has a cause, right? Repetitive motion? I don't really do anything repetitive though. AND, I feel like I had symptoms of other wrist issues. Such as: I have noticed the swelling right at the bend of the top of my wrist and it kinda seems like a lumo except that it isn't there when I straighten out my wrist. It doesn't hurt when I move it left or right like tendinitis is known for. Also, the wrist that hurts is my left and that's the hand I write with. I feel like my doctor has been unhelpful in helping ease the pain "Take ibuprofen twice a day and you'll be fine." The ibuprofen doesn't help and wearing a brace at night doesn't seem to help either. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, comments... similarities, it would be greatly appreciated. I want to know symptoms you have and what your conition is.
Thanks :)  
p.s. I forgot to mention that my left wrist is considerably weaker than my right one.
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Hi there!

Well, without a physical examination and probably a few tests, it would be difficult to point out a single cause to your wrist pain. A few possibilities include arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle sprain, ganglion cyst, bursitis, osteophytes, fractures, nerve impingement/ injuries, infections/ inflammations, avascular necrosis etc. It is true that tendonitis is generally worse during activity, but may not typically subside during relaxation. The presence of a swelling on flexing the wrist could correlate with a ganglion cyst, osteophytes formation etc. It would be best to get evaluated by an orthopedician for a conclusive diagnosis. An evaluation may include a complete physical examination and a few tests like routine blood tests, MRI etc. After a cause is diagnosed, it can be managed accordingly.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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I am sorry you are going through so much. Have you seen a hand specialist?
If not you need to. A general doctor does not know enough about the hand/wrist. If you are near a teaching hospital I recommend finding a good hand surgeon there, if not here is a website to help you find a hand specialist--

I hope this helps and you get the care you need,
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