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Wrist injury from sports

Hello, so I have a story that is weird but it's all true. I have this wrist problem that restricts movement in my hand and I can't even do a push up under my shoulders because my wrist won't bend that much. Ive also had this for more than 4 months and it doesn't seem any better.
I'm also in football and play offensive line, but whenever I'd go for a good hit and don't have my wrist taped my hand would go completely numb and can hardly bend it any direction. In the weight room my usual hand strength is greatly weakened when I'm holding about to hang cling it just starts slipping when my left hand can easily hold the weight bar up. Recently last week I was hang clinging a good amount of weight, but my hand just lost all feeling and I felt a grinding motion and the weird thing that it's past pain it's just numbness or when I'm doing fist push ups because my hand can't reach that far my wrist just all of a suddens gives out.
I know this is confusing information and I'm in high school so I'm trying, but I'd be glad if people could ask questions  which I will happily answer and maybe even diagnose it.
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If any one has thoughts that would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm an orthopedic tech and may be able to help you.  First, tell me a little more about the numbness.  Does it affect the whole hand, or just certain parts?  If it only affects certain parts, which ones (the first three fingers only, the last two fingers only, etc etc)?  Do you have a history of injury to the wrist?  How long have you been without full range of motion?
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It varies, a big hit in football my whole hand will go numb and it feels as if you can't do anything with. But sometimes my pointer finger, middle finger goes numb and my thumb is where I think the numbness starts from is my thumb and as numbness increases it goes from thumb to pinky which is my right hand.my thumb is usually numb when holding heavy stuff or just moving  it a lot in a day it just gets no really painful but irritated  and like I said it builds if it's more seriousness movement.
Also with my right wrist any jerking movement up, down, anywhere it hurts and then numbs and I can move it but my movement is restricted always it just increases.
Talking about past injuries, I play offensive lineman so my wrists are repeatedly tested and I also kayak which I do a lot less since my wrist starts to hurt when kayaking.
How long I have been without full range, probably half a year to be honest it's been slowly getting worse and irritated and I'm worried something bad will happen one day where my wrist could break or something.
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Also my high school does have a sports training and a regular nurse so if there's anything I could ask them to get information or anything.
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