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Wrist pain during full extension pain and when pressure is applied

In my other post I have given lots of details on this issue, but recently due to the pain re-arising I have researched and found the names of the areas specifically in pain. The pain is where I believe the extensor carpi radialis brevis inserts into my hand, pain is also present over the lunate bone and over the scaphoid bone. There is almost no pain with pressure applied on the hand while it's straight e.g. holding a bucket. The most pain arises deep in the wrist joint if I were to lean into my hand flat on the floor in the direction of my index finger knuckle while on my hands and knees, moderate pain arises over the scaphoid and in the insertion point of the tendon with extension of the hand while just standing up with no pressure of any sort, and mild pain over the lunate with flexion of the hand while standing up. This has been on going for many months and was not caused by any injury to the hand.
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