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ankle issue for about a year got it playing football(soccer)

this problem started a year ago while i was playing football(soccer) as a passed the ball from the inside of my right foot i heard a click and my foot exploded with pain and i fell to the ground after that i was unable to stand for a while but after around 30 minutes i was able to walk and play but after that incident the pain continued and sometimes it would get better while at time it was intense i went to orthopedist he didnt really clearify and told me to rest for 3 months i did that but now the pain is back and due to this pandamic i cant do anything help
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Are you sure it's the ankle?  And not the bones on the side of the foot?  Did the orthopedic surgeon take X-rays and give you an MRI?  Did he tell you to rest, ice, and elevate?  Without a specific diagnosis there's not much anyone can help you with, but I think in most places now throughout the world the restrictions on medical procedures are being lifted, so check wherever you are and see if that's the case.  
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no the doctor didnt take any x-ray or MRI but he said it had something to do with the muscle on the outer side of the ankle and i forgot to mention is that i also feel that my foot is bending inwards and that you know when you move your feet inward you feel some tension on the outside i cant really feel that my foot just drops
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