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bone spur in c5 -c6

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My MRI show moderate bone spur in c5-c6 and some narrowing of my spinal cord canal(?).   I have a lot of pain, muscle spasm & muscle knots on my left neck and shoulder.  Also, terrible, I mean terrible back pain.  The numbness in my left arm and pain had pretty much gone away after 5 months of physical therapy but I still have a lot of pain in my neck and the back.  The cervical traction and ultrasound therapy seem to help and so does Inverstion table.  When I'm hanging upside down I feel no pain.  Do I need the surgery to remove the spur to get rid of this awful pain or will the traction & stretching eventually do the work?  I'm just so tired of living this pain.   I want to avoid the surgery if I could.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.    Thank you.

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