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can severe (Severe) scoliosis cause IBS symptoms and pelvic pain symptoms?

i'm a teenage girl, i have really, really severe scoliosis (the last time i got an xray that actually measured my curve was about three years ago, at the time my curve was 50 & 30 degrees, my spine has gotten horribly worse since then :/)
ever since around the late/middle of this year, i have been having horrible pelvic pain and stomach pain.

i feel full extremely quick whenever i eat
i get stabbing pains in my stomach whenever i eat
i get stabbing pains in my pelvis whenever i eat
i get stabbing pains in my pelvis when sitting down
i get stabbing pains in my pelvis when laying on my back, or laying down wrong.
i feel full for hours after eating

(the stabbing and pelvic pains are the most important thing by the way.)

i've had an ultra sound, my doctors said my ovaries were okay
i havent had any intestinal work done though. i know i could have something like IBS, or celiac disease or some other gastrointestinal disease, (which even if i do im not exactly sure how that explains my PELVIS hurting when i eat, or just in general??)

my pelvis also hurts when doing exercise, like stabbing, severe crippling pain.

i was just wondering if severe curvature of the lumbar/thoracic spine could cause these symptoms? if my pelvis being so tilted could cause the pelvic pain?
like could my horrible body alignment cause all of the stabbing/intestional pain?

im loosing hope because i cant wake up every day and be afraid of eating my own meals because im so afraid of the pain i have to feel for simply eating. im so tired of not being able to bend or sleep in any position because im terrified of feeling severe pain like i have been. im so, so, so, so, so tired and it makes me want to die bcs there is no way that i can live like this. im literally a child and if its this bad how am i gonna make it to being an adult? i just need answers and doctors arent helping so i just want to know if there is even a chance that my spine could be causing this?

also i've been needing to use the bathroom more often at night (this has never happened before in my life) when i sleep on my left side, also my left side is where my lumbar curve is so could this be a thing too? ugh help me
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Yes, this can absolutely lead to digestive issues that you describe.  What are your parents doing to help you with the scoliosis?
thank you so much for replying, there is not much my parents  can do as of right now for certain reasons but hopefully i’ll be able to see more specialists who can help me :/
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