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fibula non-union

i fractured my fibula about 2 and 1/2 months ago.  doing sprints, i pivoted, twisted my ankle and then fell on top it.  although it was borderline, i ultimately did not need surgery because the ankle was aligned - but now i have a non-union.  doc says bone may never heal and that's ok - but the pain is unbearable.  how long should i wait to try and heal on my own before trying to pursue surgery?
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I had an ankle fusion and was told it takes a year for something like that to heal.  Mine did not begin healing until 6months after surgery and still hurts to this day.  Its rough.  Good luck.
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Hi! I had a tib/fib fracture and while my tibia was put back together w/an IM nail & screws my fibula was left alone. 5 months later my fibula was not healed and a bone graft was done & healed.Seems as though every surgeon has a different thought about fibula fractures.I do suppose it depends on thelocation of the fracture but being active I wouldn't just want to leave it not to mention dealing w/ pain. Good luck to you!
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Hey guys ! I fractured my fibula on my left leg after my kick boxing training and had an surgery with a plate and some screws to support my bone. Its been a month now and its healing good but i have a question , being a sports person i wanna know if its possible for a full recovery and for me to continue sports ??
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