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knee and heel pain

dear doc,

my husband starts complaing of knee, and heel pain for more than one week. for ur info, the nature of his job is more to standing and walking around. he is 27 years old. his body maas index is more than his ideal weight, that means he is slightly over weight. i brought him to a doc after he realy in great pain. the doc gave us a few medicine. the name of the medicine is Conart which contain crystalline glucosamine sulphate. antibiotics and pain killers. at the same time, thr doc ask him to loose some weight. my question is which type of diet plan should i provide him as he need a lot of energy while he is working. any suppliment food / medicine / oil / etc to decrease the knee and heel pain? he always wear leater sandals to work. thank you.
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for a few months i. have had heel pain when standing and putting pressure on my heel it hurts and so does my knee quite badley theirs no swelling or hottnes and after sitting a while  when i get up my leg almost folds underneath me
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I so have this.! At the start it was heel pain a few weeks passed and the pain travelled into my calf muscle it almost felt like I had done an intense workout at the gym which wasn't the case.! So I went to my G.P who ordered an ultrasound of the heel area, results came back that I had Archilles Tendonitis. With pain meds majority of the pain has gone but I'm still left with this dull ache in my heel region which now I have the whole knee pain when I apply pressure (eg) walking.. Hurts behind the knee and when I walk feels as though it's going to give way.! Feels better when I try to stretch it out just doesn't go though. Going back to see my G.P shortly.! Have you been diagnosed and if so what was it?
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