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knee issues

So, I've had a question.
Recently I was kneeling, both knees on the floor, and upon getting up my right knee suddenly had a loud pop/crack and sharp pain. For a while I couldn't move my knee and I waited out for pain to lessen. It did after about 30 minutes.
But following days I found that if I move it wrong or bend too much, or put weight on it while bent, it kinda locks. After a moment or two, though, it passes and I can straighten it again.
Yesterday, I was walking for couple hours and occasionally I felt like the knee is about to bend backwards. At moments it just hurts a bit. Mostly it doesn't hurt.

I was applying gel on it and it seems getting better. Two days ago started to use elastic tape, feels better while walking.

But still, should I worry? I'm just wondering since I am about to get a job and it worries me. I can't afford seeing doctor (reason I'm job seeking) and I just hope I'll get another job where I'd be more sitting instead of carrying weight because I'm kinda afraid to mess up my knee more I might have...

Oh, almost forgot, when I was little a bicyclist ran me down and I was hit on my knee (cannot remember which one exactly, or maybe was it both, but a hunch tells it might be the right)
Also I remember I've fallen hard on my knee (right one?) at school because I remember limping down the hallway.

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sounds like a meniscus tear ( the cushioning in between your bones in your knee). They are very common and happen sometimes without doing much of anything. When the torn part of the meniscus folds up is when you experience the locking or popping. When it lies back down the symptoms go away. Can live with it but can be a cause of degenerative joint disease/osteoarthritis. Torn meniscus can be trimmed out with a knee arthroscopy day surgery.
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Oh does it? Really. Shouldn't those hurt?
I don't feel pain when I keep my leg still.
But it occasionally aches if I sit down (or just stand sometimes) and put weight-like elbows on my knees. I can feel some pain flaring up which feels like inside the knee or under the kneecap, but when I change the position or move the weight away the pain disappears.

I was walking some today. It was okay.
Got home and it starting to have this slight locking up feeling if I move it wrong.

I had a classmate who torn her meniscus during volleyball game by twisting her leg upper part with foot steady on the floor. I once was close to do same when turned my upper leg without my foot following, it hurt for about second or two, but I imagine how much it must've hurt if I'd twisted it more and possibly even got torn.

I really hope it's just some tendon snapped (otherwise I'm in deep trouble in the middle of a terrible time of late).

Thank you for suggestion. I'll try to dig into some research and hope it's nothing too serious (like always) because I will not be able to see doctor in forseeable future.
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