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low back pain


    I was just wondering if I could ask my doctor for another type of imaging in my lower back including S1 joints?I already had 2 mri's and 2 x-rays and different reading? I am seeing 2 different doctor and had 2 different diagnosis..Pain meds are not helping, Nsaids meds too.still having low back pain and pain down to my foot and hip..

thank you
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What are the diagnosises?  I have had ostio arthritis in my hips for 8 years.  The doctor did X-rays of my lower back and hips and found the arthristis is my hip joints.  I have suffered long and hard and then got hooked on tylonal and codeine that you can get over the counter without a script, because my doctor would not give me any pain meds.  I finally talked to my doctor and last Thursday he shot both my hips with cortisone.  I am in no pain now but still addicted to the pain meds.  I am trying to wean off slowly.  

I am just saying if it is arthritis that is the culprit for your pain.  Cortisone may be a possibility for you.
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