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platelet injection

hi i am a 44 yr old and broke my humourous in left arm in 2005.  since then i have had alot of problems with my shoulder and under went two surgurys for labrium tear and rotator cuff tears.  the break was left for four months before surgury for plates and grafting was done.  the shoulder was kinda put on back burner because the break was so severe now a doctor tells me it is a tendon in my shoulder and wants to do the platelet injections  what are my chances of this working for me?  i can not lift or move the arm all the way and have alot of pain when trying to do so.  it is my dominate arm

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I have had platelet injections before.  They seem to work pretty well and are basically a natural alternative to other options.  At least give it a shot.  You can google it to see what the odds are.  
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I had Achilles surgery in 2006, I had chronic tendinitis,  they removed maybe 15% of the tendon,  I suffered every since.

I met a sports  Orthopedic , he told the first surgeon should have never taken any tendon,
He thought that PRP injections might work,  and  he said it may take three injections.

IT worked for me after the second injection,   it was about 8 weeks after the second injection before I felt alot better.

It does work

hope this helps

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